• A Canadian Success Story.

    Read Mohamad's Story
    Mohamad Fakih, CEO, Paramount Fine Foods
  • Pro Business. Pro People. Pro Environment.

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    Ellen McGregor, CEO, Fielding Environmental
  • Small Business.
    Huge Opportunity.

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    Satish Thiyagarajan, Co-Founder, head Coach, Zebra Robotics and MBEC Client
  • Scientific Breakthrough.

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    Patrick Gunning, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Toronto Mississauga
  • Tech Focused. Future Thinking.

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    Carl Rodrigues, President and CEO, SOTI Inc.
  • Innovation Leader.

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    PAUL SMITH, Vice President and Centre Director, Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Why Mississauga?

There’s something happening in Mississauga. Whether you call it innovation, growth or economic development, the fact is that people and ideas are gathering in a way that is truly special. We’re here for the small business owner and the global CEO. We’re here for you.
Experience Mississauga.
A place that’s connected and without limits.

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Mississauga has a strong and diverse business community with 90.000 companies and growing!
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MBEC Success - Julia Studio Paint Bar Photo

Julia Chatterji, Owner, The Studio Paint Bar

Growing a Passion into a Business.

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Jay Kana, Owner, Modern Mississauga Media

Growing Media in a Modern Era.

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Brendan Ho, UX/UI Designer & Digital Marketer, BrendanHo

Aspiring Young Digital Designer.

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Rebecca Manankil, Founder and Lead Event Planner, Presents and Presence Events

Making a Business out of Making Memories.

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What's happening in Mississauga?

Thu January 10 6:30 - 7:45 Civic Centre (Hearing Room)

10 Steps to Starting Your Own Business – Jan 10

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Wed January 23 18:30 - 20:30 Central Library

Developing Your Business Idea – Jan 23

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Wed February 06 6:30 - 8:30 Central Library

Developing Your Small Business, Beyond the Basics – Feb 6

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Join the movement of new ideas, creativity and innovation happening right here in Mississauga. Share your unique business story and help to inspire the next generation of business and entrepreneurs.

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