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Small Business

Being Digitally Disruptive in Times of Crisis

COVID-19 means it is not business as usual. It may not be “usual” for a long time. For the past few years, we’ve become used to opportunities created by digital tools disrupting long established business models. Now? We’re seeing established digital models being disrupted by rapid pivots to how business is done to meet customer needs during this crisis.

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Director's Update

COVID-19 Response

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is impacting Canadian businesses and its operations. The City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office (EDO) is committed to helping our local business

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Director's Update

2019, A Year in Review

Looking back at 2019, I am reminded of how proud I am of my team and the many accomplishments the City’s Economic Development Office (EDO)

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Data Centre

We offer an abundance of data sets covering topics including demographics, housing, market conditions and more. All this can be bundled and downloaded at any moment.​

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We offer the latest planning, building and information tools. Whether you’re seeking visual charts, maps or tables; We give you the option to view the data in the format of your preference.


We've developed this Portal to provide your business with a clear understanding of what government incentives apply to you. Use the table to filter and download programs of your preference.

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We've developed this Portal to provide you with access to business lists covering topics including realtors, commercial builders, property managers, colleges and more.

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