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Ellen McGregor is the CEO of Fielding. They are a privately owned Canadian cleantech company headquartered in Mississauga. While company roots date back to 1894, it was Jack McGregor who in 1955 launched a new capability for Fielding – the recycling of waste chemicals.

Today Fielding is a Canadian leader in keeping chemical wastes and refrigerants out of the air, soil and water by turning them into products for use again and again.

Mississauga has been much more than a home office. Over the years, Fielding has predominantly hired local talent. Mississauga talent helped Fielding achieve several technical firsts, safely recycling chemicals that others burned – abating enough CO2 to power 200,000 Mississauga homes.

Mississauga talent also lead Fielding to become the 1st in its industry to be certified to international quality and environmental standards. And Mississauga talent helped Fielding become a global company now exporting to over 30 countries and operating its US operation in Pennsylvania –

Fielding is proud of the leadership within the city, its incredible educational institutions, hospitals and charities as well as the Mississauga Board of Trade. We have been privileged to assume advisory roles and provide sponsorships to UTM, Sheridan, Trillium Hospitals the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation and the Community Foundation.

As one of Canada’s high impact growth firms we will continue to innovate for responsible growth, continue to employ Mississauga talent and continue to operate The Right Way™