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The concept of Flaxy was not new for me. Growing up, I regularly used flax seed in my diet. I especially enjoyed the Spicy flavour of flax seed. Decades later, when I came to Canada, I was surprised to see usage of flax seed and flax seed meal and its bland taste. Having Master’s Degree in Pharmaceuticals and the experience I gained working in Industry for 14yrs, I came up with the idea of flax seed as a tasty and nutritious topping. With financial support provided by my wife and enthusiasm to build a business, I launched Flaxy Inc. in 2014.

The idea originated when I took my first job in Canada in 2004, at Tim Hortons where I saw flax seed bagels. I noticed that flax seed was mostly served on its own or as flaxseed meal and consumption was not limited to South Asia. Based on market research and building on my background & experiences I developed my Mom’s recipes into Flaxy products (flavoured ground flaxseed mix) in 2014.

Flaxy products are made with Canadian grown organic flax seeds and other natural ingredients that come in a range of sweet and savory flavours, including Sweet pepper, Chilli garlic, Vanilla palm, Saffron date, and Maple cinnamon. These are easy to mix into a wide variety of recipes and snacks such as cereals, yogurt, mashed potato, rice, pasta, salad, pancakes, smoothies, and ice cream. The value of these products, are based on their good taste and can be an easy & excellent addition to day to day diet.

I was given the opportunity to present Flaxy on the television show, Dragon’s Den, and it came at a time when I needed to build awareness for my business. Being on the show created momentum for my products – and gave me additional recognition. It gave a big moral boost at the right time.

With the experience gained and knowledge acquired about food industry Flaxy Inc. is planning to focus in areas of ready to use foods. Today, my products reach Canadian consumers through my on-line store, farmer’s markets, health food & high-end grocery stores.