A city where innovation and businesses thrive., that connects to global markets., of highly talented and educated people., that is digitally connected and smart.

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All the right ingredients for success.

We are an open and diverse city that attracts and welcomes people from around the world to live, work, study, visit and play. Discover how our city has the assets your business needs to grow and succeed.

Home to


Fortune 500 Companies

Access to

141 M

people within a 1.5 hour flight

Home to


Multi-national firms

Home to Canada’s


largest & busiest Airport

More than



Serviced by



and we have the data to prove it.

Explore our wide-selection of data sets that cover topics including demographics, cost of doing business, economic indicators and more.

Key industry sectors.

Mississauga has a robust and diverse business community comprised of some of the largest knowledge-based industries in Canada. These sectors include: Advanced Manufacturing, Higher Value Business Services, Life Sciences, Smart Logistics and more.

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We’ve helped thousands of businesses each with their own unique problem or concern. Trust on our team on professionals to support your business.

Real success stories.

Hear it from the source. Explore our wide selection of businesses that have found success in Mississauga. Read their stories and learn about how being located in this city helped them.

Unlimited Opportunities.

There’s something happening in Mississauga. Whether you call it innovation, growth or economic development, the fact is that people and ideas are gathering in a way that is truly special.
We’re here for the small business owner and the global CEO. We’re here for you.