“My team and I look forward to connecting with you.”
– Bonnie Brown, Director, Mississauga Economic Development Office

Director of Economic Development

Bonnie Brown


Business Investment & Sector Development

The Business Investment and Sector Development team support Mississauga’s business community in locating, expanding and growing their businesses in Mississauga.

Harold Dremin

Manager, Business Investment & Sector Development

Stephanie Dunbar

Client Account Manager, International

Cheryl Peters

Client Account Manager


Client Account Manager

Walter Garrison

Advanced Manufacturing Business Integrator

Jackie O'Connor

Life Sciences Business Consultant

Small Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Small Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation team provides information and guidance to support entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, expand and scale up a business, and create jobs in Mississauga.

Donna Heslin

Manager, Small Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Michelle Browne

Business Analyst, Programs & Projects

Laura Dunkley

Digital Marketing Consultant

Susan Loveless

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Consultant


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Specialist


communications coordinator

Business Initiatives & Planning

The Business Initiatives & Planning team advances business priorities by developing supporting research, analysis, marketing and project management activities.

Aleksandra Allen

Manager, Business Initiatives & Planning

Celia Coculuzzi

Senior Marketing Consultant

Jordan Do Rego

Digital Marketing Consultant

Nayha Sadiq

Social Media & Communications Coordinator

Tamara Bangura-Pagán

Business Analyst

John Barber

Business Analyst