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A Canadian Success Story.

Mohamad Fakih, the Founder and President of Paramount Fine Foods first arrived as an immigrant in Canada with nothing but a gemology degree. With no Canadian experience, he got a job in a coffee shop to learn the language and worked for free at a jewelry store to gain experience. Over the years, he was able to apply his learnings and experience to new jobs and businesses.

One day, Mohamad was presented with an incredible opportunity when he found a middle eastern restaurant that was close to bankruptcy. His wife had sent him to go buy baklava for the family and he walked in, started a conversation with the owner and found out that this struggling business needed help.

Mohamad believes that in life, we will all be presented with opportunities.  The first question to ask is, “Are you prepared to take on those opportunities?” and secondly, “Will you be bold enough, ambitious enough, and courageous enough to take them on?”  Mohamad took that opportunity and took over the business. Today, Paramount Fine Foods is a middle eastern Halal global chain restaurant with over 65 stores world-wide. Mohamad and his team grew from one store in Mississauga, a few years ago, to this size based on a few secrets.

The Six Secrets Are:

  1. Find a mentor and gain experience
  2. Don’t sell a customer, build a relationship
  3. Be courageous and take on new opportunities, it could be your destiny; Don’t just dream, plan.
  4. The bottom line is to have a positive bottom line. To be sustainable, to stay alive, to continue to employ people, you need to be profitable.
  5. Build a great team and culture. Hire the best. Don’t settle for second best.
  6. Build a stronger community and give back until it hurts.

Philanthropy has always been of utmost importance and a key part of Paramount’s culture, and Mohamad’s own personal identity.  As a community leader, Mohamad is known for regularly participating in fundraisers and community events supporting multiple causes and charities. Mohamad was able to build a good life here with the help of Canadian people and focuses on paying it forward.