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Small Business. Huge Opportunity.

Zebra Robotics was born from three things: a love of teaching, a passion for STEM, and a desire for change. In 2014, Co-Founder Sharmila and I decided to start Zebra Robotics a year after we moved from the US back to Canada. I left behind 20 years of IT and data management experience to turn a weekend gig of teaching robotics into a full-time operation. What began as casually teaching robotics to my son and his friends has now grown into a multi-location evening, weekend and summer camp program– we have taught over 1000 students to this day. We have some of the brightest recent grads and current students from GTA assisting us in coaching kids in robotics and coding. Our coding and robotics classes teach students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and team players while growing their technological and creative skills.

Zebra Robotics was originally created to fill a gap in after-school programs that were available. Our son had many math, music, and sports options open to him, but was unable to find programs that catered towards tech which is his interest. Mississauga, being an epicenter for aerospace, advanced manufacturing and automation development, was ripe for an educational experience that helps prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges.

Our vision is to expand our company and bring our unique teaching style and constantly evolving curriculum to as many students as possible. We believe what we do at Zebra Robotics is important for the future of innovation in Mississauga. We are proud to be growing the young minds of tomorrow!