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Home-Grown Company. Global Success.

Walter Weber is the President & CEO of UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc.

Walter leads a company of scientists, engineers and technologists that live to solve nondestructive inspection problems. Walter came to nondestructive testing quite accidentally when he was asked to solve instrumentation problems for Ontario Hydro Research, who were attempting to ultrasonically inspect CANDU reactors.

Walter proposed a more effective way of generating high frequency ultrasound. Based on the technology he proposed, UTEX was incorporated and located in Mississauga in 1991.

Walter now promotes new ways of thinking about how to automate NDT and believes there is much work to be done in ensuring that NDT catches up with the rest of factory automation. UTEX now produces inspection automation software, ultrasonic instrumentation and mechanical scanning systems for the aerospace, nuclear and power generation industries.

Watch his video below: