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Educating & Inspiring the Next Generation.

Mississauga has always been home to Alan & Julie Smithson, who invented the Emulator DJ system, an award-winning, world-renowned touchscreen DJ product from their office in Meadowvale.  Now onto much bigger things, this power couple has set their sites on the exploding world of Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality (XR).

Virtual Reality (VR) – Transporting someone to another place using a powerful VR headset.  Examples; 360° videos, VR training, gaming

Augmented Reality (AR) – Overlaying computer graphics over the real world using a smartphone.  Examples; Pokemon Go, 19 Crimes Wine label.

Mixed Reality (MR) – Similar to AR, but with real-world context.  Think about Pokemon Go where Pikachu can interact with the world around you.

Now based in Port Credit, Alan & Julie operate MetaVRse, a global XR product company that has worked with several prominent Mississauga juggernauts; Samsung, Microsoft, and Chep (Brambles).

“Our passion for technology has allowed us to build some of the most incredible products in the world.”  commented MetaVRse COO and President of the VR/AR Association Toronto Chapter, Julie Smithson “We see the massive potential of this technology beyond gaming such as enterprise and education opportunities”

Julie attended Meadowvale High and Alan went to Streetsville and their two daughters are now enrolled in Port Credit schools.  “It was important to us to be close to family and also be in a city that we love and we feel gives us the opportunity to be connected locally and globally.  Port Credit feels like living in a small town, but with convenient access to the big city” said MetaVRse CEO, Alan Smithson.

“Our purpose in life is to inspire and educate the next generation to think and act like entrepreneurs in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way” continued Alan.  “The technology we are building at MetaVRse will become part of how we teach and also communicate as humans.”

You can learn more about MetaVRse and Julie and Alan Smithson on their website;