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Tech Start-up Helps International Students

Kushi Kaur, a young Mississauga resident, is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. A former grant recipient from Mississauga’s Summer Company program, Kushi recently found her passion and mission in developing a new application called, The Joint App. Kushi’s own experience helping her friends and family with their immigration process has been a motivator in the launch of her application.


Currently in its beta-testing phase, Kushi describes the Joint App to be “for international students frustrated with the current immigration process.” Kushi says her and her team “have developed an app with a cutting edge platform that helps them on their journey to permanent residency.”  

The Joint App is also, designed to save time and money for immigrants by connecting them to lawyers and advisors that can provide assistance. Kushi has worked alongside international students conducting user testing, and has met with investors to get ready for the launch of her application. Kushi’s passion for technology and solution-oriented mindset has given rise to an application that can be personalized to the user and that can cut down on the hurdles and costs immigrants may face.

Kushi currently studies at Sheridan College and works alongside a team of developers, educators, and advisors that are working together to make the Joint App available to the public.

Kushi credits the Mississauga Summer Company Program, for giving her the backbone to becoming an entrepreneur. She says, “The process was quite amazing; meeting new people, building a network, and getting the foundation of running a business”were just some of the experiences she took away from the program.


  • Plan ahead – Think about the sustainable growth of your business. Planning ahead will help navigate through many challenges. Don’t let challenges hold you back. When you come across trouble, question how you are going to find a solution and be more pro-active. Make the most of the resources you have and find more resources.
  • Offer a solution – Having a solution-based mindset will set you apart as an entrepreneur. Providing a product or service to meet a need someone faces, will help support your success.
  • For all the women entrepreneurs, reach out to other women entrepreneurs! The more information we share about our challenges and our stories, the more we learn from each other.

Kushi is months away from the soft launch of her application, with hopes that this application will provide a solution to help reduce much of the anxiety, costs, and frustration that many international students face. Kushi plans to launch her product in Ontario and branch out to the broader Canadian market in the near future.