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Adrian Arnieri, a young Mississauga fashion designer, and recent graduate from Ryerson University, had a dream come true when one of his designs made its debut on the red carpet of the 75th Golden Globes awards. Adrian designed a full length black dress for Sangita Patel, Entertainment Tonight Canada Host, who called it a ‘piece of art’.

With the support of the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre’s (MBEC) Summer Company program in 2015, Adrian started his fashion wardrobe styling business, Arnieri.

‘The Summer Company program played a huge part in my success’, says Adrian. He credits MBEC and Summer Company for helping build the foundation of his business skills which included developing a sales and marketing strategy, branding, and networking. It was through the networking skills learned that Adrian was able to connect with key people in the fashion industry, including Sangita Patel and the ET Canada Team. The grant money he received through the Summer Company program gave him the ability to purchase the proper supplies and materials he needed to start his business.

Since starting his business, Adrian has been featured in American Salon & Salon Magazines, and guest appearances on Breakfast Television, Global TV, ET Canada and CP24 Breakfast. Accolades also include receiving first place for his dress that was entered into the 2017 Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF), and second place in The White Cashmere Collection 2017.

There are many challenges that entrepreneurs encounter and overcome on their road to success. As a fashion designer, Adrian says that some of the greatest challenges he faces are short timelines and requests from clients that are not his preferred aesthetics or design style. His advice to other young entrepreneurs is that

“No matter how big you dream, it’s still achievable as long as you work hard, don’t compromise, keep the drive to do what you love, and continuously make connections.”

Looking forward, Adrian has goals to produce a collection for the 2018 Toronto Fashion week, participating in the Canadian Art and Fashion Awards (CAFA), and will be showcasing his collection at the Italian Film Festival in June. In April, Adrian will be producing a three piece collection for an auction to support the Canadian Cancer Society. The collection will be in honor of his mother, remembered by Adrian as a creative person, who passed away from cancer seven years ago.

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