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Growing Media in a Modern Era.

Jay Kana is the owner of Modern Mississauga Media, a digital and print media company.   Jay’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2015, and after three years of success he decided it was time to take his business to the next level. To help grow his business, Jay applied to the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC)’s Starter Company PLUS program in 2018 where he received mentorship, training and a grant.


After almost 20 years of corporate work experience and an education in marketing and advertising, Jay Kana decided that it was time to start his own company – Modern Mississauga Media. In December 2015, Jay launched Modern Mississauga Magazine. Immediately after launching his business Jay gained success and his business continued to progress.

Jay took the opportunity to enhance his knowledge and training needed to ensure his business would continue to succeed, by applying to MBEC’s Starter Company PLUS Program in early 2018. In the Starter Company PLUS program Jay received mentorship, training, and a grant which helped further the growth of Modern Mississauga Media.

Jay sees his journey with Modern Mississauga Media as a “marathon opposed to a sprint,” where his strategic plans and future goals for his company help reflect this. The skills and knowledge gained from the Starter Company PLUS Program allows him to constantly be aware of the current market conditions, as well as the future trends in this continuously evolving media industry.

“The knowledge and training I received through the Starter Company PLUS Program has certainly helped grow my business. From the informative seminars, to the networking opportunities and all points in between, this resource is something all entrepreneurs should become involved with.” – Jay Kana


  • Carefully listen to your clients and work with them to help find a solution to their needs.
  • Never be afraid of getting “no” as a response as it can be an opportunity to learn.  “No” can lead you to finding a more creative and different way to sell to your client(s).
  • Approach potential clients that may not “seem” to be a “proper” fit for what you have to offer.  You never truly know what people want until you talk with them. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Jay’s business has allowed him to become an established figure in Mississauga’s media industry. He has enhanced his business by initially launching as a print magazine, and has now evolved to offer video and content creation, social media management services, as well as consulting options for a wide variety of businesses. Jay’s dominant goal is for his company to maintain smart, steady and sustainable growth for the future.

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