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Breaking the Code. Programming for Success.

Hadi Ismail is the owner of Swiftracks, a web hosting and development company. Swiftracks launched in the summer of 2018 with the help of the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre’s (MBEC) Summer Company Program. Hadi decided to take his hobby of creating applications and games and turn it into a business venture. As a participant in the program, Hadi received business training, mentoring, and a program grant of $3000 to get him started.

Hadi’s Story

Hadi’s passion for the world of computer programming, stemmed from his days in high school where he would often create small games and applications for his own amusement. This hobby quickly started to get recognized by his peers and Hadi knew this is what he wanted to do for his career. In grade 11, Hadi began to freelance and started designing websites for his clients. Despite building a clientele and working on projects, Hadi struggled with direction and had very little business skills. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to the Summer Company Program, where he was able to gain knowledge on how to run his own business and gain support from mentors on his initiatives.

During the Summer Company Program Hadi saw that his company Swiftracks had potential. He worked on tweaking his business model, one that now has evolved into building long-term committed relationships with his partners through new services.

Hadi now offers network, development, and strategic business support for his clients during any stage of their setup. Every day is a learning experience for Hadi.

He credits Summer Company for giving him the boost that he needed. His confidence in knowing he has the foundation of running a business, has given him motivation to continue on his entrepreneurial journey.

“The Summer Company was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I am grateful for the mentorship and business skills I received to launch my business. I also gained different perspectives on the potential of Swiftracks and the unlimited possibilities to grow my business thereafter.”


  • Treat every person you meet with the most importance. You need to build relationships with your clients and keep their needs in mind.
  • Ensure that you are providing a service or product that you would want.
  • You have to have a plan and the more you optimize it the better. Be flexible to the plan, always improve your plan, and this will be key to your success.

Hadi’s passion for software development and helping his clients build long-term solutions has been recognized among his peers and clients. He has established long-term relationships with his clients, built a network of partners, and is constantly improving his craft. Hadi’s vision for the future is to be among the top leaders for ecommerce solutions. 


The Summer Company Program is funded by the Government of Ontario and delivered in Mississauga by the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC). For information about the Summer Company program, visit .