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Helping Mississauga Start-ups Scale-up

It’s no secret that Mississauga is a proven place for small business owners and entrepreneurs to start successful new ventures. As of 2017, 17,657 non-home-based small businesses (with 0-99 employees) employed 178,112 people locally. This employment accounts for 44.5% of Mississauga’s employed labour force, as recorded through the City’s 2017 Employment Survey.

Mississauga has proven to be a great place for businesses to get their start, but through the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Study” commissioned by our Economic Development Office, it emerged that the City needs to take an active role to support these companies as they scale to keep them in Mississauga. 

Consultants at the Canadian Urban Institute, the University of Toronto‘s Impact Centre and Cash & Associates Inc. were hired to undertake the Study and engage stakeholders for input in to key challenges, opportunities and areas of focus for EDO in supporting Mississauga’s small business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs.

The study and its findings were approved by City Council on July 3 and suggested that Mississauga should build on its strength of providing additional assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs when they are ready to scale-up and expand.

One of the ways to do this could be in the form of supporting delivery innovation space for companies that are ready to leave the nest. A place where entrepreneurs can meet with their peers, encourage each other and learn from one another.

This idea of mentorship for business-to-business connections, intersections and collisions will encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and continue to make Mississauga a thriving hub where businesses, community partners and talent can meet, innovate and grow.  

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