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Cleantech FundingBusiness Development Bank of CanadaFunding assessed on a case-by-case basisDedicated financial support, cleantech practice, venture capital, and advice for clean technology firms.Cleantech, Strategic Investments & Technology Adoption, Financing & Venture Capital, Clean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Any Size,
Impact InvestingToronto Atmospheric FundFinancing structures vary and are offered on a case-by-case basis - up to $2 millionAvailable to businesses looking to accelerate the adoption of new, low-carbon technologies but are facing difficulty accessing capital, addressing clients’ lack of familiarity with new technology or addressing the absence of a track-record in the marketplace.Any Sector, Strategic Investments & Technology Adoption, Financing & Venture Capital, Clean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Any Size,
Climate FinancingCanadian Trade Commissioner ServiceFunding information and navigation support from regionally focused climate finance trade commissionersAvailable to Canadian firms with services that can help developing countries mitigate the effects of climate change.Cleantech, Global Market Access, Financing & Venture Capital, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Clean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Renewable Energy Generation, Any Size,
Career Launcher Internships Colleges and Institutes Canada Maximum of $30,000 per employer towards an intern's salaryFunding available for employers offering skilled graduate internships in the areas of clean technology, digital technology and natural resources.Cleantech, ICT, Other, Apprenticeships, Internships and Post Graduate Hiring, Any Size,
Grid Innovation FundIndependent Electricity System Operator Funding assessed on a case-by-case basisSupports projects that either enable customers to better manage their energy consumption or that reduce the costs associated with maintaining reliable operation of the province’s grid.Cleantech, Research & Development Support, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Any Size,
Enbridge Commercial & Industrial ProgramsEnbridgeFunding varies with commercial office upgrade or installation typeRange of programs, including audits, advisory and financial incentives for energy-related capital expenditures.Any Sector, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Any Size,
Energy Efficiency for Industry Financial AssistanceNatural Resources CanadaUp to 50% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $40,000Available for industrial companies that are implementing energy management projects, including CAN/CSA-ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard pilots and Energy Management Information System (EMIS) projects and Computational Fluid Dynamics studies. Any Sector, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Any Size,
Global Adjustment Class A EligibilityIndependent Electricity System OperatorStable electricity pricing for two yearsThe Ontario Government has introduced an Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) peak hiatus for ICI participants to allow industrial and commercial businesses to focus on recovering from the impacts of COVID-19. Class A customers do not need to anticipate and reduce their electricity demand during peak hours in 2020-2021 as they work to return to full levels of operation. Instead, Class A customers will have their peak demand factor from the 2019-2020 period used to determine their global adjustment charges in 2021-2022.Any Sector, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Any Size,
Save Money & EnergyUnion Gas – An Enbridge CompanyIncentives vary with specific program streamAvailable for businesses looking to improve energy efficiency and return on investment through the following: space heating, water heating, food service, custom engineering and commercial savings by design. Any Sector, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Any Size,
Save-on-Energy: Business Incentive ProgramsIndependent Electricity System Operator Funding varies according to specific incentivePrograms include incentives for retrofit, energy manager, energy performance, and process and systems upgradesAny Sector, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Any Size,
TAF GrantsToronto Atmospheric FundFunding assessed on a case-by-case basisGrants to charities, not-for-profit organizations, and municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) for projects that can enable the significant reduction of carbon emissions and air pollution in the region.Any Sector, Clean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Any Size,
Canadian Renewable & Conservation ExpensesNatural Resources Canada Tax incentives of 30-50% of eligible capital costsCertain capital costs of systems that produce energy by using renewable energy sources or fuels from waste, or conserve energy by using fuel more efficiently are eligible for accelerated capital cost allowance.Any Sector, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Renewable Energy Generation, Any Size,
Ocean Supercluster Resilience (OSCR) Call for ProposalsGovernment of CanadaThe OSC will reimburse up to 50% of a project’s industry contributions, up to a maximum of $5 million reimbursed.The OSCR Call is investing up to $15 million into projects that demonstrate strong collaborations and focus on supporting the growth of multiple Canadian innovation-focused companies. We are seeking project ideas that promote ocean digital transformation, strengthen privatepublic sector connections, and build diverse partnerships between OSC members. February 19, 2021 application deadline.Any Sector, Research & Development Support, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs),
Test Driving Green Heat: Advance Procurement Notice Now AvailableInnovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)Up to $5 millionThe Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) are seeking a large-scale, low carbon energy generation/transfer system for heating existing buildings by integrating with their current hydronic heat distribution systems. To be eligible for this IDEaS Test Drive, the proposed energy generation/transfer technology must have already completed the technical work associated with Solution Readiness Level (SRL) 6Any Sector, Clean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Any Size,
Agricultural Clean Technology ProgramAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaUp to $5 million in grant fundingThe Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program aims to create an enabling environment for the development and adoption of clean technology that will help drive the changes required to achieve a low-carbon economy and promote sustainable growth in Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector. The ACT Program offers support under 2 streams: Research and Innovation Stream; Adoption StreamCleantechClean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Any Size,
SDTC FundingSustainable Development Technology CanadaNon-repayable contribution, on average 33% and up to 40% of eligible project costs for any given project.Two funding programs; Clean Tech & Seed; to support promising clean technology development and demonstration projects that are start-ups or scale-ups. The technology must demonstrate the potential for GHG emissions reductions, reductions in water consumption and/or the reduction of water, soil or air contamination. The project must include some further development of the technology, mitigate existing technology risk and include validation of the economic viability of the technology.Cleantech, Commercialization, Clean Technology and Infrastructure Support, Any Size,