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City’s Budget Committee – Update on Mississauga’s Economic Recovery

Today, City of Mississauga Director of Economic Development, Bonnie Brown, provided an update of Mississauga’s economic recovery to the City Budget Committee. Bolstered by a uniquely diverse industrial and commercial base, Mississauga’s recovery continues to be strong. Regional employment now exceeds pre-pandemic levels by over three percent. Amongst Canada’s ten largest cities, Mississauga is the only one that ranks 5th or higher in industry size and concentration across seven key sectors (Aerospace, Automotive, and Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Finance, Information & Communication Technologies, Life Sciences and Smart Logistics).

Recovery within Mississauga’s hardest hit sectors, including transportation, hospitality, entertainment, recreation and personal services has been relatively slower and these sectors will require on-going support from all levels of government.

Click here for the full details of our economic update to the Budget Committee. Click here for full details of our on-going plans to support Mississauga’s economic recovery.