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The Future is Unlimited in Mississauga

The City’s Economic Development Office recently launched a new and exciting marketing campaign, called “Unlimited” to attract, retain and expand business investment and entrepreneurship in Mississauga.  The campaign will be used to showcase Mississauga as a global hub of creative and innovative activity where talent and business thrive.

The concept for the campaign was formed through the engagement of local business and industry stakeholders.  It was heard loud and clear that Mississauga has innovation, connectivity, diversity and opportunity, it’s a city that is truly “unlimited” in its possibilities for business success and prosperity.

The campaign comes to life through a series of videos of local business champions who share their stories of success and innovation in the city.  One of the campaign’s success story  is Mohamad Fakih, Founder of Paramount Fine Foods; he is a true Canadian business success story and an active philanthropist for a positive and inclusive community.

To learn more about Mohamad’s story and discover additional unique and inspiring stories of Mississauga’s business leaders and entrepreneurs, take some time and explore our new campaign microsite