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Summer Company Program helps Drive Student to Success

The City of Mississauga is a strong supporter of job creation for our local youth and we believe that entrepreneurship is a viable job creator and career option for them. I recently attended our Summer Company Program wrap up event and was so impressed and inspired by the talented youth in our community. The delivery of the Summer Company program is facilitated by our Economic Development team at the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC).  The program helps students build and launch their own summer business through free business training, mentorship and an opportunity to receive a grant of up to $3,000 to help get their business started.

One of this summer entrepreneurs is Eric McIntyre who successfully launched McIntyre’s Mobile Detailing after being accepted into the Summer Company program in Mississauga. He was able to leverage knowledge and guidance from his mentors to kick-start his mobile interior and exterior detailing services for cars, truck and vans. Eric’s Business studies at Laurier University coupled with his passion for cars, led him to operating the successful and popular business. His hard work was reflected in his sales and his commitment to developing his business.

Eric isn’t taking a break any time soon. As Eric enters his second year of university, he plans to continue working on his business and hopefully expand to a much larger venture after he graduates. This alone is a true testament to the impact the Summer Company program has on our local youth.  Summer Company continues to demonstrate that it provides jobs for our youth, foundational skills and experience that are transferable to our youth’s future career or entrepreneurial endeavours.

Eric McIntyre, McIntyre’s Mobile Detailing.
We could not deliver this program without the financial support of the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and many business professionals and entrepreneurs who volunteer their time to support the launch and development of our Summer Company participants’ summer businesses.

For information about MBEC entrepreneurship programs, visit the MBEC office at the Mississauga Central Library (4th floor) or online at here