Business Advisory Services

Are you struggling with your business?  Are you looking for a post COVID plan to increase your chances of success? Or are you ready to take stock and just need someone to bounce your ideas off of?  Business owners are facing numerous challenges during the current pandemic. To support you and your business we are offering free advisory services with professionals in the following areas for existing and eligible Mississauga organizations:



Do you know your legal rights as a commercial tenant and how to negotiate with your landlord? Do you have other legal concerns? Let our experts show you how to navigate through these difficult times and use the right tactics to get what you want.


How do you manage your expenses when revenues are lower than you expected? Cash flow management is key to any operation being able to adapt, sustain and eventually grow their business. Let our accountants show you how to analysis your cash flow and plan your spending based on your new financial outlook.

Business Operations

Mastering the operations of your business can help you become more efficient and ultimately improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction. If all your operations in your business work together smoothly, like a well-oiled machine, than you can maximize your potential and grow your business. If your business needs some help with operations, consider meeting with one of our advisors.

Sales Strategies

Now more than ever business owners need to fine tune their sales strategies and look for ways to increase their market share and attract new business. The business landscape has changed dramatically, are you positioned to take advantage of an opportunity or need direction to get your business on the right path?

Digital Marketing Strategies

Do you need help building your online brand? Are you unsure how to get your business online? During this pandemic, it is more important now than ever that business owners optimize their online presence. If you would like assistance with your digital marketing strategy, including planning, brand development, website design, e-Commerce, and social media, our team of consultants are available to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost at all. These services are free.

The deadline to submit your application is March 31, 2021

In order to determine eligibility, you will need to fill out the form below and a program representative will get in touch with you. Please note: It’s required that you have an existing business before applying. 

Fill out the form below and a program representative will get in touch with you.

To inquire about the program, please fill out the form below:

“Kevin was very helpful! Explained my rights as a commercial tenant and gave me options for negotiation”

– Program Participant