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Redesigning the Landscape

Michael Kasowski, is a 25-year-old business owner of Yard Guard Landscaping. Michael offers a wide variety of services from grounds maintenance of the yard, to landscaping, and snow removal during the winter season. Michael’s family history of landscaping, given his father also started in the same business, has given Michael exposure to this field of work.

Michael’s Story

Michael’s involvement in his father’s landscaping business, peaked his interest enough for him to enrol into Humber College for Horticulture Science and Landscaping Design. It was during this time at Humber College that Michael purchased his first snow removal truck and began his business in 2014. To provide a competitive edge, Michael also enrolled himself in the Sheridan College two-month 3D design program.

Given Michael’s knowledge and prior experience in landscaping, he was confident that offering his clients a 3D visual of their property would help them with their decisions about the landscape. The traditional drafting method of sketching the landscape with a pencil and paper requires less work but it is harder for clients to see the bigger picture.

Yard Guard Landscaping offers clients the option of a bird’s eye view of their property, through Michael’s 3D designs. This has also made it easier for his clients to choose between different options such as choosing between a patio with or without a walkway.

Michael credits Mississauga’s Starter Company PLUS Program as being an accelerator in obtaining clients. One of the takeaways from the program, in addition to being a grant recipient, was the marketing knowledge Michael gained.

“I got a completely different perspective on marketing from the Program and the mentoring classes helped me focus on my goals and even helped me make my Facebook page. I noticed the impact when I started getting more clients from online.”

Michael’s Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Always stay motivated and focused on your goals. This includes listening to your clients and meeting their needs. I am always up-to-date with the latest trends and research ideas for my clients.
  • Do everything you can to make your business work, such as continue to learn and work on your craft. The Starter Company PLUS was a way for me to learn about things I didn’t know about.

This is peak season for Michael and his business. Michael and his team are constantly working on their skills, such as creating aquatic gardens and waterfalls. Michael is motivated and enthusiastic for the future of Yard Guard Landscaping.