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Mississauga Summer Company 2021 Success Stories

The Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Centre (MBEC) delivered the provincially funded Summer Company Program in 2021 for youth in Mississauga.

The program offers free business training, mentoring and the opportunity to receive a grant up to $3,000 to help them launch and develop their business. With the guidance of MBEC staff, mentors and trainers, students learn valuable business and transferable skills such as business administration and operations, marketing and sales, bookkeeping, networking and more.

MBEC supported the following 12 students this year.

The City of Mississauga is a strong supporter of job creation for our local youth and we believe that entrepreneurship is a viable job creator and career option for these students. Summer Company continues to provide jobs, foundational skills and experience that are transferable to our youth’s future career or entrepreneurial endeavours. 

More information about the Summer Company Program is available at 

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