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Learn the Secrets of SEO and SEM – Webinar, Oct 27

SEO and SEM are your digital megaphones!

They’re critical for getting your business to appear on search engines like Google. No matter the size of your business, SEO and SEM can help you grow your online presence. They’re a vital part of your marketing strategy and should always be top of mind. Sean Stephens, CEO of Treefrog Inc, presents the secrets to SEO and SEM. In this digital webinar session, you’ll learn what SEO and SEM are and how it can help amplify your business. Sean will share his expertise on how to create a local SEO and SEM strategy and platforms that can help you.

Guest Speaker:

Sean Stephens | CEO, Treefrog Inc.


Sean launched into the world of the web in 1997 when dot-coms were plentiful, and the rules were changing daily. He immersed himself in the technology of websites and servers, databases, and programming languages. In 2001, Sean moved into his current role as CEO of Treefrog Inc.

Sean is an active speaker and regularly speaks to groups about various subjects relating to Internet technologies. Drawing on his diverse background, technical knowledge, and creativity, Sean puts practical tips and ideas forward to help people learn how to grow their business.

VIDEO: Learn the Secrets of SEO & SEM

  • MBEC Intro
  • Meet the Speaker & the Treefrog Team 
  • What is SEO & SEM?10:00
    • Who is the surfer? – 13:40
    • Anatomy of a search – 19:17
    • Choosing the right Words – 24:22
    • Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) – 26:00
  • Start with a 
    • Strong Brand – 27:34
    • Strong Website – 28:43
    • Have unified digital marketing – 31:20
    • Good Content – 33:55
  • Secrets of SEO37:24
  • SEM – Google ads / PPC – 1:34:48
  • Closing1:52:55
  • Questions & Answers1:55:00


This webinar was hosted by the City of Mississauga, Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC).