Life Sciences

Mississauga’s vision and passion for life sciences is dedicated to shape the growth and development of this strong sector. Over the next five years, the city is committed to developing an enhanced ecosystem to cultivate and nurture the commercialization of life sciences innovations in the Canadian and global markets.

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2nd Largest life sciences cluster in canada
470+ life science companies
25K employees
15 universities and 17 colleges within a 1-hour drive


BioPharma & Rare Disease

This subsector includes pharmaceutical and biotechnology life science businesses. Pharmaceutical businesses are involved in the discovery, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs. Biotechnology businesses are involved in early stage life sciences research and the development of specialty pharmaceuticals and therapeutics, with a focus on rare diseases and unique innovations. Businesses producing either original, brand name or generic pharmaceuticals are included in this subsector.

Diagnostics & Molecular Genetics

This subsector includes businesses that develop, produce and commercialize diagnostic testing materials and solutions in support the research, diagnosis, treatment and management of disease and illnesses.

Medical Devices

This subsector includes companies that are involved in the manufacturing and/or distribution and sale of medical devices, including diagnostic and laboratory equipment, surgical and therapeutic products and analytical equipment.

Digital Health

This subsector includes businesses providing information technology products and services that support the healthcare and life sciences sector, including in the areas of data management and visualization, electronic health records and business analytics.

Supportive Ecosystem

This supportive ecosystem consists of contract research, patient support clinics, consultants, general suppliers and associations. These sub-sectors are critical to growth and development of the life sciences sector.

“Mississauga is the connected ecosystem that cultivates and nurtures commercialization of life sciences innovations: A proven destination where diverse companies and exceptional talent grow, succeed and prosper.” Mississauga Life Sciences Strategy Vision