Key Sectors

Mississauga has a robust and diverse businesses community that makes up some of the largest knowledge-based sectors in Canada.  These sectors include: Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing (Aerospace, Automotive, Clean Tech and Food and Beverage), Information and Communications Technology and Financial Services and Real Estate.

Businesses in our key sectors find unlimited opportunities for  cross collaboration that spark new technologies and innovations that are changing the way we do things today and into the future.

Advanced Manufacturing

Mississauga is at the centre of Canada’s advanced manufacturing universe. Developing world-class products for blue chip clients from around the world, this sector employs only the brightest and talented people.

major sectors including aerospace, automotive, cleantech and food and beverage

1,700+ advanced manufacturing companies

81,000+ employees

Canada’s largest aerospace & automotive cluster

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Aerospace: This strong and expanding sector allows for sharing of resources and ongoing opportunities for convergence and synergies for further innovation. Mississauga’s aerospace cluster is comprised of airlines, aerospace manufacturing, airport services and support services for aerospace manufacturers. Together they create the number one aerospace cluster in Canada.


Automotive: This evolving and innovative sector continually seeks new innovations, methods and techniques to improve efficiencies. Mississauga’s automotive sector is comprised of distributors, manufacturers, parts distributors/wholesalers, dealer head offices and related businesses. Together they create Canada’s largest automotive manufacturing sector.


Cleantech: This sector aims at tackling one of the most complex issues in today’s world, clean technology. Mississauga’s cleantech cluster is comprised of bio fuels and bio energy, power generation, energy infrastructure, remediation, recycling and waste, cleantech support, transportation, water and wastewater, process efficiency and abatement.


Food & Beverage: This growing sector has an abundance of opportunity as they serve the consumers of the future and niche markets. Mississauga’s food and beverage sector is comprised of associations, distributors and wholesalers, manufacturers and processors, packaging manufacturing support, testing and R&D, head offices and food services.



Financial Services

Mississauga’s financial services sector is home to the world’s leading companies including major foreign banks in Canada. With Canada’s largest airport located within our boundaries, Mississauga’s financial services sector is globally connected to major financial centres worldwide.  The financial services sector benefits from the synergies that arise within our strong and diverse domestic and international business community. Mississauga’s financial services include: finance and insurance sub-sectors and related associations.

2nd largest financial services sector in North America
(as part of the Greater Toronto Area)

615+ financial service companies

33,000+ employees

Home to many of the worlds
leading companies including major foreign banks in Canada

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Information & Communications Technology

The dynamics of our extraordinary environment, business community and exceptional talent has spurred growth and innovation in Mississauga’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector. This strong and expanding sector is enabling major innovations across all industries.  Mississauga’s ICT cluster is comprised of data management services, hardware manufacturing, research and consulting services, ICT services, software development, telecommunications and wholesale and distribution.

2nd largest ICT cluster
in North America (as part of the Toronto-Waterloo corridor)

770+ ICT companies

36,000+ employees

Home to a larger cluster of
ICT companies compared to Waterloo, Kitchener and Markham

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Life Sciences

Mississauga’s vision and passion for life sciences is dedicated to shape the growth and development of this strong sector. Over the next five years, the city is committed to developing an enhanced ecosystem to cultivate and nurture the commercialization of life sciences innovations in the Canadian and global markets.

2nd largest life sciences
cluster in Canada
(by employment)

470+ life science

25,000+ employees

25% talent base growth
over the past 10 years

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