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Business in Mississauga is changing all the time. It all comes back to having the right people. The people of Mississauga are educated, engaged and motivated and they come to and stay in Mississauga for the quality of life, the many multinational corporations, the universities and the research institutes. Indeed, you won’t find a more engaged and educated community of professionals anywhere else in Canada – or around the world.

Put the best people together and amazing things will happen.
We see it every single day.

Experience Mississauga for yourself. We’re here to help.

6th Largest city
in Canada

1,400+ Multi-National

7 Major Highways Service

145+ Languages

Home to Canada’s
Largest Airport,
47 M+ Passengers Annually

Less Than
90 min Drive to
U.S. Border

Within a Day’s Drive
to North America’s
Richest Markets:
141 M Consumers

4.3 M+ Labour
Pool Within
the GTA, Representing
nearly half
of Ontario’s
Labour force

Mississauga Key Business Sectors

Advanced Manufacturing

Mississauga is at the centre of Canada’s advanced manufacturing universe. Developing world-class products for blue chip clients from around the world, this sector employs only the brightest and talented people.

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Major sectors including aerospace, automotive, cleantech and food and beverage

Advanced Manufacturing


Universities and
17 colleges within
1-hour drive

Advanced Manufacturing Quick Facts

  • Mississauga is Canada’s largest aerospace cluster by employment
  • Mississauga is Canada’s largest automotive sector by employment, 2nd largest by number of businesses
  • Mississauga’s aerospace manufacturing sub-sector is the largest across all major Canadian centres by total
    employment and number of businesses
  • Mississauga F&B sector is growing at a significantly faster rate than the rest of the
    surrounding Greater Toronto Area
  • Home to Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest airport and North America’s 2nd busiest airport, serving over 47 million passengers annually
  • Mississauga’s business costs ranks among the lowest of the major cities in Canada

Financial Services

Mississauga’s financial services sector is home to the world’s leading companies including major foreign banks in Canada. With Canada’s largest airport located within our boundaries, Mississauga’s financial services sector is globally connected to major financial centres worldwide.

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Largest financial services sector in North America
(as part of the GTA)



Universities and
17 colleges within
1-hour drive

Financial Services Quick Facts

  • Mississauga’s financial services sector is globally connected to the major financial centres worldwide with weekly direct flights from Pearson International Airport
  • Mississauga’s financial services sector is home to many of the worlds leading companies including major foreign banks in Canada
  • As part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Mississauga is a key part of the financial capital of Canada
  • Canada’s business costs are ranked most cost competitive among the G-7 nations with a 14.6% cost advantage over the US
  • Mississauga is home to 75 fortune 500 companies and 66 global 500 companies
  • Direct access to the $19 trillion NAFTA market
  • Mississauga is home to over 1,400 multi-national firms

Information & Communications Technology

The dynamics of our extraordinary environment, business community and exceptional talent has spurred growth and innovation in Mississauga’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector. This strong and expanding sector is enabling major innovations across all industries.

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Largest ICT Cluster
in North America
(as part of the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor)



Universities and
17 colleges within
1-hour drive

ICT Quick Facts

  • Centrally located in North America’s 2nd largest information and communications technology (ICT) cluster, accounting for
    50-60% of innovation activity in Canada
  • Home to a larger cluster of ICT companies, compared to Markham, Kitchener and Waterloo
  • Leading international ICT firms have chosen Mississauga as a head office and/or centre of excellence location (e.g. Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Panasonic, Samsung)
  • Our home grown companies are spurring global innovations across all sectors (e.g. IMAX, Nytric, Redknee, PointClickCare, SOTI)
  • 100% covered by wireless & wire line services, keeping Mississauga connected 24/7. Part of the best telecommunication networks in the world with multiple service providers
  • Home to prominent Enterprise Support and Software Development clusters: key segments characterized by B2B, entrepreneurial and global opportunities

Life Sciences

Mississauga’s vision and passion for life sciences is dedicated to shape the growth and development of this strong sector. Over the next five years, the city is committed to developing an enhanced ecosystem to cultivate and nurture the commercialization of life sciences innovations in the Canadian and global markets.

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Largest life sciences
cluster in Canada
(by employment)

Life Science


Universities and
17 colleges within
1-hour drive

Life Sciences Quick Facts

  • Mississauga is the leading location for life sciences companies that employ over 100 employees
  • Mississauga’s life sciences talent base has grown 25% in the past 10 years
  • More than 12 teaching hospitals
    and 300 research institutes within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) houses an Academy of Medicine along
    with the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) which offers professional
    graduate programs in biotechnology, innovation and sustainability management
  • Access to the largest network of
    life sciences industry stakeholders in Ontario
  • Home to many digital health enablers such as Accenture, Microsoft and General Electric


“Mississauga is a great place for a company to be based. They are committed to innovation, which you can see in the companies that are based here, or are coming here.”

Paul Smith, Vice President/Centre Manager, Xerox Research Centre of Canada