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FleetOptics Brings Innovation And Technology To Package Delivery

FleetOptics already had big goals and high expectations heading into 2020. Having recently been named one of Canada’s Top Growing companies by The Globe & Mail FleetOptics was poised to expand and increase its national footprint. While the global pandemic has caused stress for many businesses, FleetOptics has flourished under a substantial increase in demand for its services.

FleetOptics origins began in Mississauga just five years ago and they have been at the forefront of innovating final mile delivery ever since. The ‘final mile’ is the last step before the package arrives at a customer’s door which is widely considered to be the most difficult step in the delivery supply chain.

With proprietary software systems, FleetOptics leverages technology and analytics to optimize delivery routes and ensure efficient package delivery. This sets them apart from legacy delivery companies in a regular year, and even more so in 2020.

Since the pandemic hit Canada in March, retail e-commerce sales have risen 99.3%, ballooning to record levels of $3.9 billion in May in Canada alone (IMI Research, Sept 2020). Many customers have had the experience of waiting weeks or months longer than expected for a package to be delivered. Leveraging their innovative technology, FleetOptics has maintained delivery times similar to pre- COVID levels, despite record demand.

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