Mississauga businesses are making contributions to the community or shifting their operations to the fight against COVID-19. See their stories below:

Alcon Canada

Alcon Canada is helping our hospitals by donating thousands of surgical masks and gloves to Trillium Health Partners during their time of need. Trillium staff are working diligently to prepare for the huge surge of new patients that will need urgent care in the coming days and weeks, especially in our intensive care units. To learn more, click here.

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) Inc.

The AEO Foundation donated $12,500 in support of the Mississauga Food Bank and another $12,500 to Trillium Health Partners to aid in COVID-19 relief efforts. The contribution will help these local organizations access the food, resources and supplies that are needed at this critical time. To learn more, click here.

Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

Anubis 3D is now supplying reusable face shields that are manufactured for optimal sterilization. The face shield is made of a plastic laser-cut screen and soft silicone forehead-pad and head strap are designed for comfort during prolonged usage. To learn more, visit their website – click here.

Amgen Canada Inc.

Announced a range of initiatives to give donations, supplies and expertise to help Canadian communities fight the challenges presented by COVID-19. The impact of this program is valued at over $1 million. To learn more, click here.

Baylis Medical

Baylis Medical, a Mississauga-based medical device company specializing in cardiology and spine, announced that it is partnering with Ventilators for Canadians, a consortium of Canadian manufacturers, to manufacture ventilators for hospitals across Canada. For details, click here.

Canada Mask Supply

Request for Product, a custom furniture company for hotels and restaurants, has re-branded itself as Canada Mask Supply and is now producing 20,000 protective face masks a day at its Mississauga facility. This transition of business has allowed Request for Product to keep all 40 employees and create 35 new jobs. To learn more, click here.

Ckdpack Packaging Inc.

Ckdpack have pivoted their operations to manufacture medical grade face masks, here in Mississauga. These masks can be used by both the healthcare industry and the general public. 

Chen's Enterprises Corporation

Chen’s Enterprises Corporation is a wholesale distribution company is supporting community healthcare workers by donating 20,000 medical masks to Trillium Heath Partners.  The company will be donating a total of 100,000 medical masks to five hospitals throughout the region.  For more information about the company, click here


Coca-Cola has partnered with Sheridan College’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies to produce and distribute protective countertop shields for small businesses.  These cashier shields are installed in local convenience stores and restaurants and will act as a protective barrier between customers and store staff, which will help business owners continue to operate while maintaining physical distancing measures. The shields are made with thin sheets of polyester (PET), an innovative substitute for plexiglass, which is experiencing shortages across North America due to high demand.  To learn more, click here.

The Como Foundation

The Como Foundation designs and manufacturers lip reading masks for the deaf and hard of hearing community. They’ve recently celebrated their grand opening in Mississauga and responded to COVID-19 by creating a mask that helps improve accessibility for those who are deaf & hard of hearing. They also donated $5 million to Trillium Health Partners! You can find them listed on the Province of Ontario’s approved PPE directory.

Erin Park Lexus Toyota

Erin Park Lexus Toyota, is a car dealership company in Mississauga that has donated $20,000 to the Mississauga Food Bank as part of the #MississaugaChallenge campaign. 

Grasshopper Energy

Grasshopper Energy has donated $50,000 to the Mississauga Food Bank that will provide 100,000 meals to for the local community in need during this time of crisis. For more information about the company, click here.

McRae Imaging

The Ontario government is providing Mississauga-based McRae Imaging with $332,000 to support the production of inclusive personal protective equipment. The company is making face masks featuring an innovative lip-reading lens. This new mask will create a unique solution for the Deaf and hard of hearing community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding is being provided through the Ontario Together Fund. To learn more, click here.


Microbix is contributing to the development of new and improved methods for COVID-19 detection and is helping to improve the accuracy of existing protocols by providing reliable, whole-genome validation/verification and training samples.  Microbix currently has capacity to make 5,000 units per week. To learn more, click here.

MHI Canada Aerospace Inc.

MHI Canada Aerospace Inc. is supporting our hospitals with bands to support their visors for the front lines. They’ve shared an image on LinkedIn (see it here) that showcases their first lot printed and packed and ready to go to the hospitals. Currently they are making about 100 visor bands a day. To read more, click here.

Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.

Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. launched the Take Action volunteer program so its employees can offer support to the local healthcare system while still receiving their salary from Novo Nordisk. Volunteering colleagues are being offered where they are needed as ‘short-term surge support’ given the current strain on both public health systems and community organizations. For more information on Novo Nordisk’s responses to COVID 19, click here.

Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods is supporting the Greater Toronto Area by donating nearly 2,000 meals to local food banks and shelters and is also working with Feed Our Heroes, an initiative that provides meal delivery to frontline health staff and first responders. To learn more, click here.

Premier Candle Corporation

Premier Candle Corporation is the largest privately owned candle manufacturer in Canada, has dedicated a portion of its 240,000 sq. ft. Mississauga facility to make medical-grade face shields for frontline workers, and has donated 1,000 face shields to long-term care homes in Mississauga. For more information about the company, click here

Rabba Fine Foods

As part of its Rabba Roots community outreach efforts, Rabba donated over 2000 bottles of hand sanitizer to Peel Children’s Aid. To learn more, click here.


Shop3d.ca is a Mississauga vendor for 3D printers and supplies, has developed an open source file for face shield frames/head band. Shop3d.ca are partnering with a Mississauga F&B manufacturer which is supplying the plastic for the visor and asking for organizations and people to volunteer their 3D printers so they can print these and distribute them to front-line health care workers. To learn more, click here.

S3 Industries Ltd.

S3 Industries Ltd.,  is an industry leader in the supply and distribution of all flowline equipment to the oil and gas market. S3 Industries is one of the many Canadian suppliers that have been approved for a world market initiative to help build 1 Million ventilators in 90 days.  

Take Care Supply

Take Care Supply is relieving pressure on PPE supplies by producing reusable face masks here in Mississauga. Since September, they have produced 750,000 masks, created 200 jobs and have donated thousands to charity.

Xerox Research Centre of Canada

Xerox’s facility is leveraging its manufacturing capabilities and in-house materials to contribute to the corporate wide production of 140,000 gallons of hospital-grade sanitizer by June 2020. The product will be distributed to resellers who are approved vendors to frontline healthcare organizations. For more information, click here.

Countermeasures Portal

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