You are currently viewing Canada’s Largest Airport in Mississauga.

Canada’s Largest Airport in Mississauga.

Great cities rely on their airports to connect them to the world. Airports are recognized as economic catalysts for the communities they serve, delivering jobs and investments to the local municipalities. The impact of international airports is even greater; they provide links to global markets while fostering trade, investment and tourism.

Serving over 47 million passengers annually, Toronto Pearson International Airport (Toronto Pearson) is a major global hub, providing Canadians with a gateway to the world. With over 330,000 surrounding jobs, the airport is home to the second largest employment zone in the country.

Toronto Pearson is also an essential component of the logistics supply chain for Canada’s export industries, acting as the link between the national ground transportation network and global markets. The airport facilitates 15 per cent of the province of Ontario’s exports, which is equivalent to 6 per cent of all Canadian exports.

It’s no question the economic benefits Toronto Pearson delivers to the city, region and nation. And it’s happening, all in Mississauga.

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