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Artist turned Entrepreneur

When Kristina Goltsis joined Mississauga’s Starter Company PLUS Program in 2018, she was introduced to a new world of entrepreneurship. Kristina owns Tactic Creative Studios, with her business partner, Adam Tobias. Kristina and Adam are artists turned entrepreneurs. Their business specializes in creative branding and content creation marketing for artists and entrepreneurs.

Kristina’s Story

Tactic Creative Studios assists companies with web design, photography, copywriting, audio production and much more. What separates Kristina and Adam from other content creators is their ability to help their clients from the beginning to the end. Tactic Creative Studios provides a full-service approach, from brand development to press releases; everything is centralized. Their competitors for the most part outsource different parts of the brand development process, but Kristina has eliminated the need to contract the work. She says, “you lose quality of work…whereas here you have the same team and the same vision”.

Kristina is an artist and a published author, and her business partner Adam is a professional musician and composer. This combined talent gives Kristina the advantage to connect with her clients, most of which are inspired artists eager to create. The passion to help these inspiring artists by starting her own business became a reality after joining the Mississauga Starter Company PLUS Program , where Kristina gained valuable skills about how to develop her own business.

“The [Mississauga Starter Company PLUS] program was incredible. The program administrator and mentor were so helpful. We’re by nature artists and not business owners. They helped us articulate what we do and who would benefit from us the most.”

Kristina’s Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Learn how to effectively research online. This will help you with a lot of your business questions.

  • Look for successful mentors to learn from. Take advantage of your digital media; there are a lot of different groups for niche communities. Learn your target market and look for people who are already operating in your industry and don’t be afraid to reach out.
  • Learn how to prioritize self-care because it is very easy to get into long working days and fall victim to burnout.
  • Stay inspired. Go to places that will inspire you and where your interests and skills will shine through.

Currently, Tactic Creative Studios is run by Kristina and Adam; however, they are looking to expand their business by onboarding new contract content creators. This will help Kristina with her increasing workload but also, give other artists an opportunity to establish themselves as content creators.