Strategic Plans

Mississauga has built a strong reputation as a well-managed city through strategic planning and processes.  The City has a 40-year strategic Plan, “Our Future Mississauga” that will direct the shape of the city in a variety of areas such as business development, land use planning, infrastructure, service delivery and asset management.


Mississauga will inspire the world as a dynamic and beautiful global city for creativity and innovation, with vibrant, safe and connected communities; where we celebrate the rich diversity of our cultures, our historic villages, Lake Ontario and the Credit River valley.

A place where people choose to be.


The following strategic plans and strategies guide our work and initiatives to help support and grow Mississauga’s business community.

Economic Development Strategy
[10 Yr]

Economic Development Strategy –
Executive Summary [10 Yr]

Economic Development Strategy –
Facts & Findings [10 Yr]

City Strategic Plan
[40 Yr]

City Action Plan
[40 Yr]

Life Sciences Cluster Strategy
[5 Yr]