Our Services

Whether you’re just starting out, expanding, consolidating or relocating your company, let us be your first point of contact for your business development needs. From site selectors and real estate professionals to entrepreneurs and client contacts, EDO helps facilitate business development and expedite the site selection process.

Our office provides the following services:

Enhance and Optimize Business Retention and Expansion Opportunities Through B2B Connections

We have the business data to match your needs and create new opportunities for your business.

Business Problem-Solving and Site Location Assistance

We have the tools to find your next business location and expansion needs.

Guidance Related to Government Program Assistance and Approvals

We have the knowledge and resources to achieve your business requirements.

Small Business Start-Up and Entrepreneur Support

We are your central source for small business information, resources and guidance.

Create and Implement Economic and Sector Development Strategies and Programs

We’ve developed strategies and action plans to help strengthen and grow our business community.

Seek Solutions for Our Key Sectors and Support Businesses through Challenges and Opportunties

Utilize our key sector specialists to assist your business through challenges and opportunities.

Build Partnerships and Relationships with Industry and Non-Industry Stakeholders

We have the right connections and partnerships that your business could leverage. Let us connect you.

Assist with Businesses Looking to Enter the Canadian Market

We have the experience, resources and connections to ensure your business has a soft-landing.

Provide Research and Resources to Support your Business

We have an extensive data centre that is accessible and customizable for your business needs.