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2020 Smart City Annual Report for the City of Mississauga

The City of Mississauga is already an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certified Smart City, with the Early Adopters certification awarded to us by the World Council on City Data. In addition, we have recently been named one of the Smart21 Intelligent Communities in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum.

Mississauga’s Smart City program aligns with the City’s strategic pillars of move, belong, connect, prosper and green, and allows us to remain a leading municipality on a global scale when it comes to innovation and technology.

We will continue to embrace innovation, work and collaborate with other government organizations, and ultimately benefit our citizens and businesses continuing to make Mississauga an attractive place to live work and play.

Discover and learn about how we are already a Smart City in so many different ways by reading through our annual report, the first of its kind. Enjoy, get involved and get engaged with our Smart City Team. Help to make us an even better Smart City!

Click here to view the City’s 2020 Smart City Annual Report.