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2020-2025 Economic Development Strategy Revealed

Today, the City of Mississauga’s 2020-2025 Economic Development Strategy was approved by Council setting a bold economic development vision for Mississauga that has partnership and collaboration at its heart.

The new Strategy builds on the City’s growth and success over the last decade and informs the next phase of our growth and contribution to the Greater Toronto economy by setting out the Economic Development Office’s (EDO) priorities over the next five years.  To develop the Strategy, we worked with a team of consultants from Hatch who provided extensive research and engagement with key stakeholders including entrepreneurs, business leaders, educational representatives, members of the Council on the City’s Economic Development Advisory Board, and the public through an online feedback survey.

Our research and engagement identified three economic development priorities for Mississauga where EDO will play a critical role:

  1. Support Globally Minded Businesses
  2. Develop Distinctive Places; and
  3. Deliver Durable Infrastructure

In order to successfully deliver on our economic development priorities the Strategy emphasizes the importance of partnership and collaboration.  Sustained economic growth and prosperity will be achieved by working together to make best use of our assets to attract new businesses and encourage greater levels of innovation and entrepreneurship among our existing businesses.  We have the talent and ambition to make it happen!

Overall, the Strategy’s collective approach aims to reflect the City’s commitment to delivering globally important priorities, with specific actions to advance a more inclusive and sustainable economic development agenda that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. If you are interested in receiving more details about this Strategy, please stay up-to-date at our project website: