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Congratulations to 17 Designs in celebrating 20 years of business. With their roots in Mississauga, 17 Design continues to grow their graphic design and marketing services business to include clients in the greater Toronto area and beyond.

A key  to their success, 17 Designs contributes their Mississauga location and the support received from the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC) in supporting the development of a solid client base in the early stages of business.

Essential business skills and networking opportunities supported success

“The networking meetings were essential to help us grow as a business and as entrepreneurs,” says Stella, Creative Director and founder of 17 Designs. “Meeting new people and putting us out of the ‘comfort zone’ made us stronger and more confident.”

17 Designs attribute their steady growth over the past 20 years to providing quality service, having meticulous attention to detail, and continuous learning; developing their knowledge and expertise, as well as keeping abreast of trends for diverse industries.

One of their project highlights in 2017 includes the creation of a commemorative coffee table book of architectural buildings along the Humber River, receiving positive reviews from award-winning international leaders in the industry.

What are some tips they can offer other entrepreneurs?

The road to success for entrepreneurs can encounter challenges that seem to be impossible to conquer. The team at 17 Designs says that what helps them overcome these challenges is to look at them as opportunities; adapting as needed, staying positive, and celebrating successes along the way.

When asked if they could go back and do anything differently, knowing what they know now, they said they would probably advertise more. To grow faster with a bigger team, in a shorter period.

Photo: 17 Designs celebrating 20 years of success – L-R: Eniko Campbell, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Norm Jurgen, Director of Web Development (partner), Stella Jurgen, Director of Graphic Design Services (founder and partner), Kurt Jurgen, Product / Drone Photographer, Mechanical Engineer.