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Mississauga Ranks Top for City of the Future

June marks the mid-way point for the year, and it is a great time to pause and reflect on how far we have come. In celebration of our recent accomplishments, I am proud to announce that Mississauga has once again been given the title of the Top Mid-Sized American Cities of the Future for 2019/2020 by Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) Magazine.  Securing top spot over 74 other cities in this category, Mississauga’s rank is reflective of a healthy growing economy and a skilled workforce.

These awards highlight the growth of our City and are indicators of what we are doing right. Mississauga’s entrepreneurial spirit and its innovative initiatives, gives rise to tremendous opportunities for businesses currently settled in Mississauga and also to those looking for a place to launch. Our businesses and companies can count on the continuous support of the City’s Economic Development Office. Mississauga’s accomplishments prove that our selective measures and directions are focused on economic development and business expansion. A city with diverse culture, infrastructure, and skillset creates an environment that will help businesses grow to their best potential.

I believe Mississauga’s future looks bright and will continue to develop and prosper by meeting the demands of its growing economy. Mississauga’s thriving community is a reflection of its flourishing environment and of its competitive edge in attracting talent from surrounding regions.

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